Health, Safety and Environment

Safety is a high Priority at PMP Powerline Construction. We believe that both management and the employees have a responsibility to provide a safe work environment for members of our company as well as the people working around us.

PMP Powerline Construction is proud of the positive attitude and effort our employees. We are also a member of IS Networld and have a certified Health and Safety program, as well as a Certificate of Recognition (COR) from the Heavy Construction Safety Association of Saskatchewan. We have been recognized by The Heavy Construction Safety Association of Saskatchewan and the Central Line Contractors Association for our Safety record, the latest being best safety record in Group “A” 2010 and High Performance award in 2010.

Our safety policies and strategies have contributed to a lower than average rate by WCB. In 2011, PMP Powerline Construction has a rate with WCB that is a 23% discount from our industry basic premium rate. We have accomplished this by believing that with the training, management and employee leadership, job planning and job procedures developed with management and employee input, we can achieve a workplace with no accidents or injuries.

   - Member of Heavy Construction Safety Association of Saskatchewan
   - Certificate of Recognition issued by H.C.S.A.
   - Annual audits(external and internal)
   - Tailboard meetings conducted daily and at the start of each new job(copies provided to
   - Environmentally responsible
   - OH&S Committee
   - Safety Manual(with input from management, employees and customers)
   - Fire Retardant & High Visible clothing is worn by all employees
   - Crews are equipped with 4-head monitors

   - First Aid/CPR
   - H2S
   - Ground Disturbance
   - Boom Truck Training
   - Fire Fighting
   - WHMIS
   - Apprentice Lineman Levels I, II, III, IV
   - Flagman Training
   - Poles Testing(for safe climbing)

High Performance Award & Group A Winner
2009 & 2010

Partners in Satey