About Us

P.M.P. Powerline Construction Ltd. was started in 1991 by four partners with a combined total of 62 years experience in the Line Trade. Two main objectives were agreed to; the first was to provide our employees with a positive working environment. We wanted to create jobs that brought our workers home safe to their families at the end of their shift. We also wanted our people to have a sense of pride & dignity; we did not just want faces to show up for work. Therefore, every effort was made to get involved with our employees on a personal level. Family functions were held so we could get to know spouses and their children, daily conversations always included family. We are committed to remaining a family-type organization. Things have changed over the years as our company has grown; the one constant has been our ability to meet this objective.

Our second objective was to provide our customers with a reliable company that stood behind their work whether it is a legal document or a hand shake. As with any new business we struggled to obtain the confidence of our customers. After our first year in business we had gained the confidence of SaskPower and were on our way to bidding and completing projects for them. Our customer base grew, providing service to coal companies in Coronach, Estevan, Halkirk and Hanna as well as the City of Swift Current, Canadian Pacific Railway, SaskTel, United Grain Growers, Flint Field Services, Wild Steam Resources, Talisman Oil and the Potash industry. We urge you to contact our references and find out for yourself. P.M.P. management believes our second and, of course, ongoing objective has been beneficial to our customers.

The current owner/operators of the company are Rick Moore and Clayton Pinfold, each owning a 50% share in the company. P.M.P. has over 30 employees located primarily in South Central and Southwestern Saskatchewan.